Monday, 1 February 2010

More kantha talk and a question

Lots of people have been talking about Kantha recently. I can think of at least... umm... two!

Arlee Barr, recently published this charming article on the subject, Embroideries of the World:Kantha at over at ARTeries at MrXStitch.

I also really like Jude Hill's posts What-If Double Kantha and What-If Double Kantha Dot.

I found Banjara textiles. And some lovely examples at What is Kantha? on the I wish to have it site.

And... also whilst exploring the old G-spot (Tranquila! I'm refering to Google of course!) I found blogged at Fibercopia a fabulous Bengali Kantha Exhibition at the Philodelphia Museum of Art, with some truely amazing stitched offerings. That show's running until July 25th 2010.

Now... a question for anyone who has an online store. Does one need to pay tax on online sales? I have a feeling that the answer is no.

My design partner, Megan Houseberg, is coming to visit in April, so that we can bang out all of that business type stuff. It's been hard to do that so far, with her in California and me in Costa Rica. But, hopefully, we can get it sorted while she's down here, so that we can start selling online soon.

Megan and Nilo, this photo was taken during her visit in January 2009.

Megan got her Diploma from FIDM in Fashion Design. She's frightfully young... terribly beautiful... extremely talented...

... And, oh yeah, totally crazy!

One of those tree hugging types :}

(Don't know who took the pictures or where they were taken. I stole them from Megan's Facebook profile and she will probably want to kill me when she finds out ;} )

When she comes in April, we plan to print cloth together! OH yeah! How cool is that going to be!


Sandra said...

The kantha stitch is definitely something I'm going to try. I think it gives some softness to the cloth. Thanks for the links!

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Hey Sandra,

Yes it does add softness to the cloth, isn't it lovely. I have just realized that Inanna Shamya was not in my links list previously. Sorry about that! I honestly thought it had been added already. Problem rectified! :)

Sandra said...

Don't worry Catherine, it's okay. I just love to follow your adventures. In a previous post you mentioned having an appointment at the hospital. I hope everything is alright with you.

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