Sunday, 5 December 2010

Little time, little cloth

I have so little time these days, I'm finding it hard to settle into something that I really want to work on. I also forgot to bring the iron again!

It has to be little. So I have the sense of possibley finishing something. For me that's become important somehow.

I found these scraps, which looked pretty nice together. Many are just thin strips an inch or so wide. What to do with them?...

I notice that alot of you lovely people have been busy weaving cloth. So I thought I'd try my hand at it.

Not to copy... but to learn more about technique.

I know so little, and it's easy to find oneself doing the same old-same old thing.

I'm playing with this pale little cloth. Maybe as a gift for another friend who has a birthday coming up? Lots of raw edges.

Some simple outlining.

I want to show you the amazing moths that have appeared here over the course of the weekend. Someone might find inspiration here!

The perfection of carved wings...

The vibrance of color and pattern...

The smokey rainbows of shadowy scales.

On a black moon in summertime, we get hundreds of beautiful and bizarre looking insects. And I often look at them and wonder how many of these have ever been seen before!

The Summer is finally creeping in here, and now we can see again the blue mountains of the Cerro Rincon.

Just look at this from Arlee and this from Karen.

I have so much to learn!


jude said...

no wonder you are so inspired, your world is so amazing.

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Yes, so inspirational as to be frustrating, when there isn't enough time to explore it at leisure!

Abigail Thomas said...

totallt; so little time! little cloth is a good idea.

deanna7trees said...

everything in this post is amazing--the moths the woven piece--beautiful.

Sweetpea said...

Catherine, how delightful to stroll by today and find you weaving! caution tho: it can be VERY addicting :>}} These moths made me catch my very very amazing, thank you for showing them to us.

Weave away and may all your *little* cloths soar!

Karen said...

What wonders you have around you! Finding time is always a challenge and working small is working well for you here it seems! Like where this is heading. And Thank YOU for the heads up link to me!

neki desu said...

those moths are incredible!i can envision a print on cloth.mountain range not bad either.

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