Sunday, 19 December 2010

'Tis the season...

Thank you, friends, for your messages of seasonal cheer following my previous post. It's true, I was feeling un-characteristicly gloomy, but a few kind words make all the difference. A special thanks to Deb who wrote me a couple of special emails about her experience of Christmas. Sharing is a powerful act!

Although I've been stuck at work, I've been snatching moments to celebrate this season's gifts as they occur here in the tropical world. Here are a few of my favorites images to share.

A Jicaro tree (Cresentia alata). An tropical twist on baubles!

Scarlet flower of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis.

No snow. Fallen flowers.

Late afternoon clouds.

The sun sets. New horizons!

I am thinking about moving to Typepad in the New Year, and wonder if anyone has any advice or comments about that idea? Pro's and con's?

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend.


jude said...

i think typepad is a little harder to use but it does have threaded comments.

neki desu said...

i know jicaros you make maracas from the fruit! :)
and maracas are sooo very christmassy.

Deb G said...

I like typepad, find it easy to use. I don't have a lot of experience with blogger so can't really compare. Jude is right in that I think one of the biggest differences is how comments are handled.

Els said...

Love your warm and sunny photo's while almost all of Europe is packed up with snow, people stranded on airports, and complaining about the cold .....aaaaaah there's always something to wish for ;-) Have a nice christmas and new year anyway!

Sandra said...

I think I can understand that it is odd to celebrate christmas in the sun. I hope you feel better now. It's so nice to see your pictures full of sunshine, it gives some warmth from the screen.


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