Saturday, 21 November 2009


Here it is... this is what's emerging from out of Megan's package. I thought that it was cacoon-like (although I think it's usually moths, that spin cacoons). This is something quite new from me.

I was drawn immediately to the 100% flax linens that Megan has sent. I love the roughness of these textiles as well as the colors that she's chosen. One is a fresh spring green, and the other is verging on what I would call bamboo green. I have started working with the latter. It's a hand-emroidered native butterfly motif. The species is Baeotus baeotus (Nymphalinae) and this is the male and it ocurrs here on the Osa Peninsula. I have always loved the form and the colors of this particular species. I'm working this piece as an applique on denim from an upcycled denim skirt. Originally a dark blue denim, I discharge dyed it, and then gave it a good scrubbing. It's lovely to work on, as it's now very soft. I'm enjoying the softness of the base colors here, verging on pastel, which is rather an unusual choice for me. I'm very excited about this new direction. The rural/nature element fits perfectly where I'm coming from and with more recent trains of thought. I'm not entirely sure what this butterfly will turn into next... a purse for the 2010 design collection? Maybe! I'm also not sure how complete the embroidery will be, because I'm rather liking at this stage the unfinishedness of it. I"m thinking about how it's unlikely for one to see all of the detail of a butterflies wings in an instant. Usually only a fragment. The camera helps with that of course.

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