Monday, 23 November 2009


I am working in the dining room - which is rapidly being taken over as my work shop - making a new purse pattern from newsprint. The buttery yellow flowers of one of my Stanhopea cirrhata orchids (Orchidaceae), locally known as "torrito", or "little bull", smiles on us today, filling the room with it's heady, rather mentholated fragrance, (Nilo says "It smells like Halls", and he's right!) look at this... yellow!... combined with the green and blue of what I am working on. Of course! Yellow, another first order or "Primary" color,mixed with blue to make green. Thus, it's a natural bridge for the eye, between to the blue and green. And there it is, in the flowers of the orchid... in the newsprint... and look who just arrived by way of confirmation, the butterfly Spiroeta stelenes biplagiata (Nymphalinae). And so, it all falls neatly into place... joyful and miraculous... and moving in the right direction. It's not about "anticipating" miracles, it's about recognizing them when they occur!

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