Saturday, 20 November 2010

Of Old Roses (and other pretty flowers)

I've been out and about in Escazu this morning. Escazu is my husband's home town. Thesedays, it's the Knightsbridge of the San Jose area. It sure makes for some great window shopping!

This pretty sofa caught my eye. Upholstery that wouldn't last 5 minutes in my house! I love this color combination right now!

A little self-indulgance! A new blouse from Zara, a label which I'm finding often has something for a girl like me *:) It's so hard to find stylish smart/casuals for the nearly 40's! I really like the micro pleat details on the shoulders and the pretty old rose print! Feminine, not girly!

And, today, I had my first ever manicure! Not the prettiest of hands, but they look a whole lot better here than they do when I'm at work!

Simple pleasures! [Did you know the sugar and hand cream trick?]

Right before I left the farm last weekend, I grabbed this stash of cloth, hand-dyed earlier in the year with logwood purple, which, for me at least, produces a pale shade of prune, or of old roses. Pretty pale shades that are calling to me at the moment! Each of the differnet cloths in these images come from upcycled clothing items.

Prune and rose.

Wax resist on silk and linen.

Wax resist on linen.

Detail of wax resist motif on a textured silk.

Detail of wax resist stencil work on linen.

I was really excited at the idea of getting my teeth into this new project during travel time this coming week. Until it dawned on me that all sharp items - such as needles, scissors and quick unpicks - would be rapidly confiscated at customs :( PAH! So it's just going to have to wait!


Anonymous said...

What fabulous fabrics and colours. Love your new Zara blouse, too! What a shame that you can't sew while travelling these days...

jude said...

i hate that you can't sew on a plane anymore.

Anonymous said...

agreed. although sometimes you can still get away with it on flights within a country itself, never internationally.

i love your fabric! and your new girly treats. i too have never had a manicure. maybe one day.

Jacky said...

Those pruny, rosey colours are just beautiful Catherine and I love the wax resist (havent tried that yet!). I took a small amount of fabric away with me when I went to visit my son. Had to pack it away in my suitcase as I couldnt take it on the plane. Would have been nice to have something to stitch on the long journey.
Ooohhh that lounge looks lovely, I could imagine laying on there reading a book or propped up stitching. The fabric is delicious!
Lovely that you had some pamper time.

Jacky xox

neki desu said...

gorgeous fabrics! all of them.
zara can be surprising if you really look around.i still have some silk top shirts i bought about 15 years ago.

Sandra said...

Lovely colours and blouse.
In 2006 I had to be on a plane for 9 hours, I crocheted a scarf, with thick yarn and a thick crocheting neeedle, it was allowed at the time because it was not sharp. So that might be a solution if you like crocheting....

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