Sunday, 7 November 2010

The need to move swiftly

One thing I'm still learning about inspiration, is the need to move swiftly when that sense of something stiring breezes through. It's like catching butterflies. You have to hope the inspiration will alight somewhere nearby, and then you need to creep up, and throw your net over quick!

Typically, these days, I'm finding that I don't have the time, or the materials, to translate my ideas into something tangible when the inspiration alights. And before I know it, the idea has metamorphosized, or, I find myself off on the next butterfly chase.

I had been Planning on Pink. I started a pink theme board with my new account at Pinterest, which you can visit here. Now, I feel the idea growing into something new... and I don't know what that is yet! Patience...patience, Catherine!

A silken white moth, with feathery puffs, seated on a cotton scrap, dyed with Lac extract.

Sopa de ropa: The last of the Lac dye and some other recycled fibres simmering on the stove this morning.

And here it is turned out of the pan, looking for all the world like a Summer pudding!

This is more like the intensity of color I was hoping for. Hmmmm, I think Summer pudding is a good name for these shades of deep pink, [yes, the sun has pushed his way through the clouds for a few minutes!] And for those of you who love to cook, a recipe for Summer pudding can be found here on the Barmy Baker.

I'm excited by this small scrap. A silk shirt that Megan and I wax batiked with a stencil we designed earlier in the year, now over dyed with Lac extract to achieve a deeper shade.

A new motif that I'm playing with. I like it's formality. I like the fact that, if I play with it some more, I could probably make the negative space into a formal motif as well.

This almost reminds me of Suzani textiles from Uzbekistan, which I admire very much. You can see a couple of my favorite online examples on the Flickr photstream of Circa by Courtney Pyle, starting here. I also love the colors of this.

Hope you're enjoying your Sundays!


Kellie Collis said...

Those fabric decor are gorgeous! Can't you tell how they will react? Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

Anonymous said...

those are fabulous colors.

neki desu said...

the colors are awesome!clear and bright like light in the tropics.
i've never done lac, should try it.
sopa de ropa yummmm!:)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful this all is! I find that I need to start some little piece of a project or I will forget. Of course this means I have lots of little pieces floating around. :)

Anonymous said...

What a feast! (the fabrics as well as the summer pudding) :-)
There is something quite exotic and mystical about the drawn motif.

jude said...

what is lac. wow.

Sandra said...

Wow,what a great colour of pink!
I love this fluffy little flower. It looks so soft!
How your job going?

Art school is great! I'm really happy to be there.

Gabriela said...

Hi, I am happy to come by your blog...lovely work and I love your copywright notice! I want to copy it? Can you copy a copywright notice? I feel exactly as you do!

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