Sunday, 12 September 2010


As you can see, I'm trying to do a better job of it. Getting here and getting there (i.e. to visit what you've been doing recently).

When I started working full-time, I moved into town, and somebodY (?) cleaned off my desk, packed away everything on my shelves and bagged the fabric stash. This weekend I am up at the farm, noticing little twitches of "clothiness" pulling at my hems, and feeling that I want to get back to it. The problem is the inspirations is fleeting, you have to jump on it while it's there, and I have a billion things to do and no idea where anything is!

Where is my last set of designs? That would be a logical place to pick up where I left off. But No amount of turfing out junk has made these appear so far!

I am thinking about very simple motifs... leaves again.. and have fallen in love with antique-styled printed thin cottons (I treated myself to some new blouses in Zara, the last time that I was shopping in San Jose recently!) old lace, and a hint of the sea. Where on Earth did that all come from! Perhaps more importantly... where is heading?

Hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful weekend.


Karen said...

looks like you have a start on something there! Hard to balance the muse with the day to day work/jobs. good to see you here though!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to have you back!

Sandra said...

It was great to see your pictures of the trees! What a big job your in now! Must be a great experience.


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