Sunday, 5 September 2010

Dropping in for a visit

Hello dear friends!

It's been so long! So long, infact, that I've forgotten how the functions work, but I'll have a go!

I am at home on the farm (this is only the second weekend that I've managed to get up here, since I started working full time, what... 5 months ago?) Alot has happened since then. Alot has changed. For one thing, I decided to see what it was like to go blonde for a while. And why not, eh? Afterall, you're only young once, and... Opps... I'm a little late! ;)

Well, I've been missing you all and I'm really miss following everybody's creativity! I haven't had a chance to do anything with cloth and needle recently. My own creativity has been diverted - at least temporarily - towards creative management choices and finding solutions to things like, how to get 15 meter tall palm trees from one part of the country to another...

...and how to plant them when I get them there.

A strange transition, no? From stitching to supervising heavy equipment! Life is just full of surprises ;)

Luckily, in all of this, I have a fabulous crew who work directly with me, and who, over the weeks, have become like family. We laugh alot, which is what gets us through some pretty hard physical work, out there come rain or shine. We're either soaked to the skin or toasted! That's the tropics for you!

Above: a whole new take on reforestation! I love this image and often wonder what the folks in the car coming in the opposite direction must have been thinking.

Some of my best friends: The landscape architect and two of the landscape crew making braces for the larger palms. I have this thing about taking pictures of these people at work. There's something about these images which reminds me of the brass statues that one fsometimes sees in public areas, which represent Freedom, if you know what I mean.

This is another from that series.

And this one too! The crew literally pulling a tree into position for planting, in the late afternoon.

Well... just thought I'd share that with you. I have to head back into town now, but I'm hoping later to drop in on some of you and catch up with the news.

See you then!


jude said...

nice to know what you are up to.

Karen said...

Happy to see your fine ( working hard though! whew!!) Good to see the blog whenever you have the time!

Sweetpea said...

Well my goodness, Catherine, isn't it a treat to see you back here...hardly recognized you amidst the blondness and foliage ;>}}

Hope you don't stay away so long next time!

Suzanna said...

I was wondering how you were! Very interesting work...

Jacky said...

Hello and welcome back Blondie... lovely to see what is happening in your busy life!

Jacky xox

neki desu said...

great to have you back.envying the tropics here

Puddleduck said...

Hiya Catherine!!! Great to see what you've been up to... Thought you must have been really busy with your design label! Love the blonde! Hope you're loving you're work- you're looking very fit and healthy!

Deb G said...

Wow, that's quite the project!

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