Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sixty minute feast

I couldn't help myself! Sixty minutes of image feasting! A quick dive into some 19th Century print images, and more thought about repeating patterns and lace motifs.

By the way, I forgot to show you this, which I feel certain you'll adore too! It comes from Poppalina a blog that I discovered recently.

A little indulgence is ok, right? ... so I did some quick sketches (and took some more poor quality images!)

This is an initial idea for a repeating leaf motif, which would probably make a neat border.

This is the second one.

I'm not sure yet how I'll develop these sketches or translate them into embroidery. But sooner or later I figure they'll find their way off the paper and onto the cloth. And I'm excited about that!

I stepped outside and spotted this...

A neat repeat right there in the mud! It's just where the rain has dripped off the roof laminas. And I see some opportunity to incorporate small glass beads in place of the gravel. This also reminds me of those repeating leaves that I did a while back and still really love. You can see an example here.

While I was feasting on the 19th Century prints I came across this magnificent beast! You have to admit, it's begging out to be transformed onto cloth. And moments later I found Susan Fletcher Conaway's marvelous blog Fiber Art and Craft and fell in love with her work and particularly with her strange bird. Just perfect!


Anonymous said...

That mud repeat would look fabulous in stitch and beads! Look forward to seeing those lovely drawings in stitch too.

neki desu said...

the mud border would look stunning with lots and lots of french knots and bullion knots.

Sandra said...

Lovely mud pattern.
Wouldn't that be great in embroidery? How the garden doing, are you still transporting large trees?

Deborah said...

I can imagine it with embroidery and beads, too!

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