Sunday, 17 October 2010

Planning on pink

Somehow... amidst all of my weekend report writing and visiting of Nilo's virtual farm (at you know where!)... I came up with some plans for what to start on next. And guess what... I'm planning on pink!

I found that I had some Earthues natural dyes left over from Megan's visit earlier this year, and there just happened to be a little bit of powdered Lac extract and and little bit of powdered Quebracho red. And so I dyed a few little scraps of cotton, having first boiled them up with a little alum. Surprising what a difference the alum makes!

Some pleasing results in pretty shades of rose. The bundle on the right hand side is still wet, so I'm expecting that paler shades may result once those cloths area dried and ironed.

This is one of my recent palette designs: "Plum coco". These are more or less the colors that I'm planning to use next.

This is one of my palette designs from last year: "Hot Chocolate". Similar, but it has those rich chocolate browns (which I LOVE).

More inspiration: Hot chocolate and marshmallows.

A tree of Tabebuia rosea (Bignoniaceae) flowering like I'd never seen it do before!

An infloresence of Conostegia subcrustulata (Melastomataceae)

A few flowers in a sweet little garland.

Sketch 1: This idea has some way to go yet!

A setting of buds: Probably more like the direction I'll go in.

Sketch 2. When I simplified the pattern formed by the buds, it reminded me think of something like this...

An elegant garnet piece from Titanium Jewelry Only

How all of this will eventually blend into a cloth piece, I still don't know. But it's something to be thinking about during the week. At 3pm we travel back to town. And tomorrow it's back to school and back work... again!


Mnemosyne said...

i loved seeing how you got from flower to jewelery.
highly enjoyed this post!

Sandra said...

Lovely post Catherine, and I like the new look of your blog. I have a lot of reading to catch up've been very busy.
Such beautiful flowers!


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