Sunday, 3 October 2010

Although I have been working a bit on my latest cloth this afternoon, I've decided not to show any pictures of it this weekend. I have the real camera, but now I can't find the USB cable to download images! So, it's either more crappy pics of flashed out stitches - as taken by the camera on my phone - or nothing. And nothing got the most votes! :)

I'm feeling happier about it as more of the areas are filled with stitches, and now that I've stopped beating myself about the fact that this particular piece seems so slow to develop. I mean, really, couldn't that have something to do with being a mother and a wife, the 70 hour/per week job, and the single strands of DMC thread? Oh yes, and somewhere in amongst all of that, we moved house for the second time in 2 months.

I should say, we moved town house, because of course we live in town during the week, and try to get back to the farm most weekends.

I like this new place. It's simple and functional. It's actually on the outskirts of town and when you open the back door, you see this...

Which is a small portion of this...

And there are hundreds of Parakeets and the Squirrell monkeys pass through, and it's far more like home according to my interpretation of that word.

Anyway... Friday night, I was standing on the doorstep, staring at the builders rubble outside on the driveway, and this caught my eye...

And it almost seemed that I had caught it's eye too. And it intrigued me. At first, in the darkeness, I thought it had been carved, but on closer inspection saw that someone had drawn this grapic on the rock with a marker pen.

And I wondered who, and why, and what it had meant to them?

And after that brief philosophical moment, I thought to myself, "I shall steal that simple motif for some future stitching!" ;)


Jacky said...

Lovely to see photos from your new nice to be close to the flora and fauna again for you all.

Special find...another arty soul out there somewhere leaving their mark.

Jacky xox

neki desu said...

what a backyard! wish i could say that.
go for the motif, it should make a great repeat pattern

Sandra said...

I'm glad you feel at home in your new town house. Hope you'll find some time to rest there, it's a very busy life for you at the moment. Busy but with lots of adventure.
Love your view and that stone would make a good pattern, indeed.

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