Tuesday, 2 March 2010

BEHOLD! I have made SLIME... again!

This post is a follow on from Arlee Barr's recent post wittily entitled "BEHOLD! i have made mud! or snow dyeing part two, the results".

For quite a while I have been thinking to try an experiment dying cloth with the leaves of the plant locally known as "Gavilana", Neurolaena lobata (Asteraceae). This plant has several medicinal properties and is used locally to treat a range of ailments, including for "cleaning the blood" (whatever that's supposed to mean!) and as a deparisitite-er (sorry, don't remember the word for that in English). The latin name would also suggest some medical linkage, no?

Anyway, for some reason, I got it into my head that these leaves might be high in tanins and therefore good for dying with. The plant grows like the plague all over our property, as a weedy herb that reaches up to nearly 3 meters. So, wouldn't it be good if I could actually use it for something? So that's what I've been up to for part of the morning.

"Gavilana" - Neurolaena lobata (Asteraceae)

In the pot, bringing it all to the boil. I decided to start it off with a fair amount of heat, before placing it out in the sun for a few days.

And so far, it's looking like this! YUCK!!!! It looks like cow poop! But, ok, definately works as a dye! Maybe this would be something to add to another dye to get a nicer color?... Or, maybe I should just forget the whole thing? ;}


Anonymous said...

It actually looks quite nice to me... I liked Arlee's 'behold' post too. I've just seen that 'legs of the day' thing in the small photos underneath. Yikes. I would have had to emigrate if I'd come face to face with that!

Anonymous said...

It looks a fairly pretty yellow color on my computer or baby poop, not cow poop

Puddleduck said...

Catherine! I love the colour! I would call that a success.....!

arlee said...

haha i like the yellow too---sunny sunny sunny--beats my pale snow any day :}

Karen said...

on my screen it is a wonderful gold. looks like a successful dye job from here!

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

That's so funny! Well folks, now you know who send white cloth to to dye into your lovely sunny golden shades! hahaha. I'm thinking that the images have done it too much justice! Luckily, since I posted these, the *actual* color has calmed down quite a bit and some of the cloth has gone into the cyan spectrum and not the yellow-green. PHEW!

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