Saturday, 6 March 2010

I've had a busy day. To see what I've been up to you can read this.

Guess what? Reinaldo came home yesterday afternoon after a couple of days in the field with a package under his arm.

It was the purple package from Kaye Turner. WOW! That was super fast in getting here!

Apart from the lush purple pretties that were intended for me...

... Kaye has kindly included another pack of mixed fabric scraps for the group I'm planning to start shortly, as well as ribbons, beads, and threads and other bobs and pieces, as Nilo says :)

Thank you so much for your generosity Kaye! I love it all... but promise to part with at leasy half of it... and your package of pales and textures will be on it's way to you shortly (now that I have your mailing address again!).

This is fun! :)

I have a big headache. Too much sun. But I'm stitching the panels down on my latest creation, the "Leafing into Spring" bag, otherwise known as "Islamic rain". Arlee is one astute lady ;}

I have woven a single metallic white-gold thread through the buttonhole stitching. Adding a subtle sparkle. In Kaye's package there was a small wound of organza and satin white gold ribbon... it's very tempting!!!


Anonymous said...

Phew! So glad they arrived and that you like them :-)
Our headache over here is too much frost and cold...
PS I love 'bobs and pieces'!

Sandra said...

Hi Catherine,

I haven't been here for a while. What I appreciate very much of you is that, inspite of me not being here, you still leave comments on my blog. And that is very heart warming to me, because I didn't feel well this last week. So thank you, you're so kind.
I've seen I have lots of reading to do on your blog, but I love that because it's always interesting. Your bag is getting very lovely.


Suzanna said...

Yes, that stitched bag is beautiful. You are getting a LOT done on so many fronts!

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