Friday, 19 March 2010

Photoshopping and the False Tile

Nilo has been off school for the past couple of days. He's had a throat infection. While he's been home, he's been drawing and drawing and coloring in, and it's been great fun! I've also been working on my design ideas. But since I can't show you any of that just now, I'm going to be posting his stuff instead, which is, in anycase, pretty inspiring stuff I believe. But then, I would ;}

First of all some Photoshop drawings. Please note that I have his permission to publish his work here, so long as I credit him and use his titles.

"Dangerous Love" by Nilo Francisco Aguilar Bainbridge.

"Watch out in the sea (the 3 urchins)" by Nilo Francisco Aguilar Bainbridge.

Now for some fibre tip work...

"The False Tile" by Nilo Francisco Aguilar Bainbridge.

I think I'm going to commission him to stencil the kitchen wall :)

I have a friend coming over in the morning. She just lives in town but I haven't seen her for nearly a year, because we're both always so busy.

Because I've been otherwise occupied, and because our power was off all day today, I am behind on reading everybody else's posts. But I will catch up!!!

P.S. For those of you who speak - or at least understand - Spanish, here's a short Channel 11 report, which aired last week, featuring Reinaldo commenting on the gorgeous endemic plant Osa pulchra (Rubiaceae - the coffee family)


Anonymous said...

I'm always astonished by how expressive children's drawings can be - especially drawings of people. Unfortunately I understand only two words of Spanish - 'si' and 'ola' - and I probably didn't spell those correctly. But congratulations to your hubby on the Channel 11 feature :-)

neki desu said...

great video! thank you.
nothing like the tropics for vegetation. the flower reminded me of daturas, but they are a different family aren't they?

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Thanks both :)

Actually Kaye you pretty much got it right. Except it's spelt "H"ola, but teh H is silent so we'll let you off ;}

Neki, yes these flowers are very like Datura, which here are known as Reina de la Noche, Datura is from teh family Solanaceae, which is teh family of potatoe, tomatoe, and the infamous bella donna and deadly nightshade. Datura is also very poisonous. Apparently (in the 1800's at least) Indian women smeared their nipples with oil from Datura in order to 'eliminate' any female offspring! It is also used as a hallucinagen and here teh leaves are boiled and used as a compress for rheumatic/muscular type pain (personally, I wouldn't even use it for that!) But you're right, very similar in form, probably also pollinated by Sphingid moths and a splendid ornamental taht doesn't seem to want to be cultivated anywhere outside of the small area where it grows or at Kew Botanic Gardens.

Sandra said...

Nilo is a lovely artist. His titles are interesting for such a young child. I hope he feels better now.
Great that your husband is on tv.
(I don't understand Spanish.) I love the datura, but cannot have it in the garden because of my dog, in case she starts eating it....
I have the same thing with a friend of mine, she lives three streets from mine, and I hadn't seen her for a long long time.


Sandra said...

Hi Catherine,

Something strange happened with blogger. I posted yesterday, but cannot find my reaction here. So I give it another try. Hope you're not getting two comments form me now......;)

I think Nilo made lovely paintings, and especially the titles he gave them, are impressive for his age. He is a thinker, isn't he?

I think it's great for your husband to have been on tv. It must have also been nice for Nilo to watch his daddy on telly.

Well, I hope this comment will reach you.

Clare Wassermann said...

Nilo - it's wonderful - your designs - especially the tile. Keep it up honey x

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