Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Natural Dyes: Gavilana

Yesterday, I did a short post(!) on experimenting using the leaves of the native plant "Gavilana", Neurolaena lobata (Asteraceae), and I wasn't very pleased with the color while it was in the pot. I left the whole lot stewing over night with the intention of putting it out in the sun for a few days. But I decided I'd go ahead and rinse the cloths this morning. So now I can share my results with you.

What's on line this morning.

Cotton weave and cotton and hemp cloth

Synthetic and peachskin cotton mix (?) and unbleached cotton.

Silk weave. Tie-dyed.

Damask type cotton (from an thrifted pillow case slip) with shibori effects.

Unbleached cotton and damask type cotton (from an thrifted pillow case slip) with shibori effect.

Ok, so I admit it, you were right! It was successful. Mostly! But your golden yellows have a fair hint of sea algae-green to them. I would like to find a way to moderate that and bring up the bluer tones. But it definately works! So, given the ease with which this plant grows here, I'd say we're in business ;}

Last night I stitched some more on this.

A shashiko-syled pond patch, stitched with 2 strands of cream colored DCM thread, on upcycled denim. Part of my next bag-ular creation.


Quilt Architect said...

What a wonderful experiment. Thank you for sharing this. Nice stitching.

arlee said...

YUM! Glad the colours stayed after a rinseout--LOVE that silk weave with the raised texture!

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