Saturday, 13 February 2010

Boogie: Giving it a new spin!

If you follow my blog regularly, you'll know that I have been working much paler recently, and am now adding a little brightness to that... to give a new spin to my design work!

Here's a series of images showing how the new slow bag design - Boogie - is developing so far.

The pattern for giving the cloth a new spin.

Drawn out in... yes, Kaye you guessed it... biro!

The first blade stitched and cut (the reverse applique technique that I am so fond of using).

The second blade stitched and cut.

The second blade stitched and cut, and shot on one of those clever angles that always makes work look 100 x more interesting than it might ordinarily appear to be ;}

The third blade stitched and cut.

The final blade stitched and cut.

Here's the first upcycled denim patch with all the blades finished.

Now for some kantha!

Photoshopping... a sneak preview of where this is headed.

The reverse of the reverse applique. Not too messy.

First patch done! How great is that?

More later!

P.S. Eben, incase you're reading this, "hOney, I used your old jeans!" Love from Mum xxx


Deborah said...

This is great! And I love seeing the process!

jude said...

i like this new spin on eyelet!

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