Saturday, 13 February 2010

Digital Thank You's!

Before I blog on...

This morning I would like to say a big thank you to two very special ladies, who have become blog friends, since I started to emerge in this space. They are, Arlee Barr of Albedo, and Sandra Smals of Inanna Shamaya. Because, yesterday afternoon, Reinaldo came back from the post office with two beautiful swap packages!

Swap scraps from Arlee.

Swap scraps from Sandra.

As a humble token of my deep appreciation for these jewel-like gifts, I have made each of you a small digital art quilt, using pieces of your own work - images from your own blogs - of things I have much admired, together with a sample or two from the swap pack that you sent to me. Each piece of cloth is splendid and exquisite, and will no doubt start to feature here, soon! :) :) :)

Digital art quilt for Arlee.

Digital art quilt for Sandra.

Thank you! It's a real pleaure getting to know you both, and to be inspired by what each of you do!


Jacky said...

What wonderful fabrics from your is always nice to include fabric in a piece of art gifted from fellow textile lovers.
Some luscious fabrics there Catherine.

Jacky xox

Sandra said...

I'm glad you like the fabrics and I'm curious what you are going to do with the tree fabric.
I love the digital quilt!


arlee said...

oh my goodness, how rude of me--i missed this before--thank you--and glad you like the fabrics--wonder what you will do? :}

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