Tuesday, 2 February 2010

You... and that joyous bouncing feeling!

Reading about the brilliant things that you are doing, I am filled with joie de vie this morning! As a Basque country friend has written on her Facebook profile... L is G!

Well?... isn't it??? :}

Inspite of the fact that I have one of those visually crippling type headaches looming in the shadows somewhere, making me feel a little nauseous, and kind of sweaty (or is it that I'm menopausal... I wasn't feeling that great last night either, but that happens quite frequently to me). And inspite of the fact that my small workspace (a self-deligated corner of the dinning room) looks like this...

... I am feeling totally fueled! And it's definately got to do with the flow of creative energy pouring out from you. And I've noticed that links to my blog have started to appear in other people's sidebars recently, and so thank you for those kind thoughts *:)

Well now, I was over at Hannah's this morning ;} and she has a lovely post, involving her attempts at chinese papercut, the results of which are really bold and fabulous. Her talking about cutting paper snowflakes, reminded me of a What-about - I guess that's my version of a What-If, - which I sketched in my notebook a few weeks ago. And no, I'm afraid it isn't inspired by snow in anyway, since all we've had for weeks is sun, sun, and more sun! Oh yes, and the odd earthquake!

This is my "What-about cutting cloth like cutting paper snowflakes?"

At the time, I don't always get what these scruffly little sketches are about. But then, you have to do them, 'coz you never know where they might take you later. I haven't tried this idea yet. I don't know how... or if it would even work.

Following on, from somewhere, I can't say from where exactly, came these new bag designs and lept onto the next blank page...

And I'm realizing just how much my style has to with rustic simplicity. Give me a bit of scraggy old cloth and some hand stiching and I'm in my element! ;} Can't wait to apply that to printing on cloth too.

Back to my soft pale cloth... Last night, during the commercial breaks of Dr. House, (one of my few televisual indulgences!) I worked on this little frame, which consists of back-to-back rows of buttonhole stitch. Simple! Isn't that a pretty stitch... albeit crudely handled!

And here's a close-up...

Earlier, yesterday afternoon, I was suddenly grabbed by the idea of roughly outlining the Wheatear stitching with a single thread of dark chocolate colored DCM silk.

Don't know what came over me! I'm still not sure about that. What do you think??? In anycase, it has been removed. But who knows, could just as easily reappear!

Also last night... busy little bee arne't I?... I decided to rinse out an unbleached cotton cloth that I've been solar dying with red onion skins for the past week. As you may know, I love magenta. I've tried with red cabbage, but you know, that whole PH thing... when you add an acid or an alkaline to red cabbage, makes it very hard to control the results when dying coth. At least, I got the cloth to turn a gorgeous shade or purple, and then, stupidly, I rinsed it with soap powder and, hey presto!, the whole thing turned a wild sea-witch green! So I thought I'd try it with red onion skins instead.

At first, it looked to have been a great shiborial success. Then I rinsed it... using soap powder ... and... OMG! ... PUTRID!

As it appeared it rapidly began to leach its way down the length of the cloth! I was not expecting that! I ran for my camera.These are not good photos, as the light was poor, and my hands were so soapy that I could barely push the shutter button, never mind focus at the same time, but you'll get the picture. Just take a look at this...

EWE! Arlee is gonna love this!

And here you can see the difference. The left-hand side is still nice and purpley. The right-hand side... isn't!

And, in the end, it all looked like this. Very... umm... yucky!

I haven't dared look at it in the light of day! Who knows what might be lurking in the outside sink this morning!

Did you know that that could happen with red onion skins? Why didn't you warn me?

I've done some mental maths (N.B. my maths has always been very mental!) and I figure $400 for a 5-day creativity advance here on the Osa Peninsula is what it would cost. That would include full board and lodging, but not flights (international or internal) or hotel stay-overs that may be needed on the night of arrival and probably the night prior to departure. Anyway I'm curious to hear what you think about that price? In theory, at least, is it reasonable, or not?


arlee said...

i quite like the dark outline on the wheat ear--gives it a more dimensional appearance!

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

thanks... that's what I had been wondering about... but wasn't sure it disn't just look clunky. Maybe I'll lighten it up a little?

Anonymous said...

I like the dark around the wheat but it really depends on personal preference doesn't it. Why don't you audition some light blue, as in sky, or some gold/yellow as in sun, as see what happens?

Today airfare from Spokane roundtrip to Puerto Jimenez would be about $600 so that would make it right at $1,000. Given enough time ahead one might be able to find a better fare. But if that includes meals while your place it sounds like a good deal to me.

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Very good ideas you have there, Susan (it is Susan right?).

Yes, that price would include meals whilst staying here at Los Charcos. I am probably going to make a small flyer in the next couple of days, offering up the idea. But basically, it could be whenever, since I wouldn't be planning a group or course type of thing. You just come and hang out, soak up the wonder of the Osa Peninsula, and get those creative juices flowing! :) maybe I could do a small discount based on a double occupancy???

Puddleduck said...

Hi Catherine! What a gorgeous shade of green! Ha, what is it they say? 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'!

As for the dark outline I like the one in your photo which has the outline on one side only...it really defines one edge and the other is a lost edge (which I love...) Love the border too....and how it creates a little raised ridge.

Jacky said...

Oh I wish I lived closer...$400 for the five days sounds very reasonable. What an experience that would be.
My dyeing experiments havent been too great. I have been trying for a red of sorts...last try was pomegranate - unsuccessful. Maybe because I popped it on the stove with a bit of water and let if bubble away with the calico cloth...pale, insipid, murky colour is all I got!! I am thinking maybe I should have just squished the pomegranate juice and popped the calico straight in and see how that goes. Oh well, next time!

Enjoy seeing other peoples dyeing experiments.

Jacky xox

Anonymous said...

Really like the back-to-back buttonhole stitch, and the dyed cloth too. Glad to have found your blog!

Sandra said...

I know what it is not to feel well, it happens to me often.
I like the dark line around the wheatear but i also like it without it, i think it depends on what you would like to experess with it.
OMG you must have been in shock when seeing that beautiful colour change, Í didn't know that this could happen, either, it's all new to me, I did red onion skins too, and first got a lovely pink/red and then after adding salt it all turn a gloomy brown, perhaps the soap caused this neo colour. In a few days you can read about my red cabbage experiment;(
I think 400 dollars is a reasonable price. If I lived closer by I would certainly come.
By the way, the colour of your workplace wall is the same as my cupboard, I mixed the paint myself.

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