Thursday, 11 February 2010


I have never been one for bright colors. So with my move towards white, yesterday afternoon, I decided to try something different, using what I call confetti colors. Typically, for me, these consist of the following colors, which, ordinarily, I avoid like the plague, or at least, would never mix with each other!

The above image shows confetti colors... according to me.

confetti |kənˈfetē| noun small pieces of colored paper thrown during a celebration such as a wedding. ORIGIN early 19th cent.(originally denoting the real or imitation sweets thrown during Italian carnivals): from Italian, literally ‘sweets,’ from Latin confectum ‘something prepared,’ neuter past participle of conficere ‘put together’ (see confect ).

I continue to be fascinated with trying to find new ways - that is new to me, anyway! - to use simple/recycled cloth and threads in a slow and decorative way. It's actually rather challenging, but I'm enjoying it immensely.

Remember the fiddlehead muslin from the end of yesterday's post?... Well, this is where it was going. A simple twisted muslin spiralled wheel.

Being stitched down onto an un-bleached calico ground.

Then re-stitched with chain stitch along the ridge of each coil, changing the thread color as I went.

This is where it led me. That's interesting... but think I can still do better... Start again!

Take a strip of muslin, pin it at one end to your work table, twist, and when fully twisted, pin it to your work table at the other end...

... like so!

Next, couch, at intervals, the entire length of the muslin twist with alternating confetti colored silk threads. (I wonder how this would look if I used wool thread instead of silk???)

Until it looks something like this... which reminds me of prayer flags, flittering in a clear Ladakh sky. Nice!

For me, this works really well in strings...

... and as a spiralled wheel. I prefer this attempt, it feels more like mine!

Which version do you prefer?

Added later the same day: Looks pretty sweet with denim too! :)


Sweetpea said...

Oh my gosh, I LUV the strings! It was wonderful (and helpful) to read the description of your thought progression. Prayer flags indeed and they're also lovely in a line (vs. spiral) as well. Great post!

MARIKA said...

I attend your blog another time very interesting:))
Your sewings very interesting I work now with similar sewing ,very good round spokes .
Loving greeting Marika Hungary

Karen said...

I like both spirals. The strings add such a wonderful textural touch.

Sandra said...

Yes, the second spiral is more you! And it's more outgoing than the first one.
I really like the ideas you've shown here.
You must have had lots of fun.
I'm wondering where our fabric bundles are, tomorrow it'll be two weeks since I sent it to you, no idea how long it will take to the other side of the world:) But it's at least going to a much warmer place, wish I had krept in the bundle too ;)

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