Monday, 1 February 2010

Sew exciting to me

The news sew far on the cloth with the repeating "eyes" pattern, that turned out to be so popular in my own small world ...

Three down (well, more or less) and only six more to go! So, I should be done by... the end of March! And that's just the center piece of a larger cloth (which I still haven't mentioned in detail).

Yesterday, I finished cleaning up the remaining jars of cloth that I started solar dying at the end of last year, most of which didn't work that well, (this year, I am going to try harder, and use mordants). Still, I was pleased to find, in amongst all the cloth scraps, this bit of silk thread, which had previously been white - well, ecru really - but which has now turned...

... a sweet, rosey shade of biege (if you see what I mean). Veriegated and all! And that got me started!

Remember, an idea from the other day?... Well, I had been wanting of use paler tones to work on this. It's related to that idea I had a while back about trying out same-on-same color. In the image above you can see a dried inflorescence from a Bromeliad (Pineapple family), which caught my eye in the garden the other morning. I've been ruminating on it ever since, and on how I could stitch something like it.

This is sew exciting (to me, anyways!)... I have learnt a fancy new stitch!

Wheatear Y'all! ;}

This fancy, yet ever-so-simple embriodery stitch, I taught myself using Sharon B's Stitch Dictionary, a comprehensive online Stitches for Dummies, including for stitch idiots such as myself. I will be adding the site link to my ever growing list over on the right-hand side there.

Detail of my Wheatear stitching, using 1 strand of solar dyed DCM silk thread, mixed with 1 strand of milk coffee colored DCM silk thread (can't tell you which one, as I have typically lost the number band) on solar dyed cloth. I love the wholesome quality that is starting to appear. It's just what I had in mind. Rustic and simple... Rather like me ;}

"Oh, hello sweetie, where did you come from?"

A beautiful weevil with eye markations decided to visit my cloth.

Yesterday, I found the blog page of Hannah Lamb. WOW!

Hannah, (I know that you don't actually read my blog, but...) I think this is love! ;}


Sandra said...

it's nice trying new stiches. I love your wheatear.

Sandra said...

And you worked hard on the eye cloth, it's becoming really beautiful, I'm curious about the rest of this cloth.

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