Saturday, 27 February 2010

Still here

Checking messages from friends who live on the coast, and seems that the predicted Tsunami has missed us... so far! I keep checking the view, to see if their is still water in the gulf... or more water in the Gulf. For the past two days we have had monsoon rains (this is the 'dry season') and terrific (!) electrical storms, which have blown the power out twice. Friday evening saw us eating bacon sandwiches in the house in the dark, at Nilo's miniature table and chairs. It was like a midnight dolls tea party.

Another reason I haven't been around much is that, on Wednesday morning, we had a phone call from the school, asking us to go and collect Nilo, who had fallen over, and landed badly on his hand. His wrist was pretty swollen for a few days, and is chest was a bit scrapped up. Poor little guy!

The next morning he was also vomiting (I think it was something he ate) so I've been chilling out for the rest of the week with him, at home. He can move his wrist now and so I guess he'll be back to school on Monday. I have to say, I rather like having him home again. He's been doing alot of drawing and lego building. He's amazing! Look at his turtle design.

I could never come up with something as sophisticated as this. It reminds me of Inuit design.

Thinking that I was going to San Jose this weekend, I got a move on with the "no boundries" denim bag that I started a couple of weeks ago, and it's finished (all but the details on the handles).

Stitching in the lining.


The lining is a light blue flecked cotton, with a slightly linen look.

The label.

The closure detail.

The finished item. Quite a sexy little number. Might keep it for myself ;}

Eliza, our model this morning.

Now that it's done, I guess it would be ok for me to start something new, right? ;}

Reinaldo is busy taking the house to pieces, in an effort to re-model the old office corner.

I have also been working on this. There's a link on my side bar. It's nowhere near ready yet, but you can visit and add your name as a part of the broader community and get updates as they happen. This week - now that my trip has been cancelled, due to the inclement weather - I hope to set these wheels in motion and send out a general invitation to local women to a sewing/coffee morning.  I'm planning to put up a flyer somewhere public (which, here, is either at the school, or the two churches, since there isn't even a village store!) and see who shows up! That way, it's open to anyone who's interested and avoids any personal preference. Afterall, the idea is about forgetting our differences, and working together, on the basis of sharing a common thread. Hmmm... I figure that's going to be the hard work in this!

Finally, I have added music (and other media interest) to the blogs. My father is a musico and so I was raised with very ecclectic tastes. Everything from Rachmaninov to rap, rock n' roll to gospel. The selection will change, according to whim. 

Look... Listen... ENJOY! :)


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed - will be watching the weather for you and hoping... The bag's looking terrific.

Anonymous said...

PS thanks for the message - very naughty - the fabrics were a gift for you and your group! No need to post me anything :-) I really hope your parcel reaches you OK with all the ferocious weather etc...

Sandra said...

When I heard on the news that there might be a tsunami near your country I immediately flew to the computer. I'm glad your still fine and I hope the tsunami will not reach costa rica, so that you and your family will be safe.
Poor Nilo, I hope he'll be fine soon. I also like it when my children are home. They've had holidays the last week and we had a good time. So I have't been much on my blog.
I love your bag, I can imagine that you would like to keep it! Great lable inside the bag.

Take care!


Mnemosyne said...

your bag is beautiful and i'm glad your son is doing better. keep safe during the extreme weather!

jude said...

so glad everyone is ok, love the bag!
i need an address for the scraps.....

Karen said...

beautiful bag! Glad Nilo is o.k. though it looks like that had to hurt! And whew, thankfully the tsunami miss you all!

arlee said...

WHEW! And thanks for the warning on the music :}

Suzanna said...

Yikes, all this crazy glad you're all ok. Nilo's creation is just beautiful; please tell him for me. And so is your looks comfortable for the shoulder. What a lot has been happening.

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