Monday, 15 February 2010

No Boundries!

Nilo will be at school from 7am 'till 1pm today, which seems to me to be a more reasonable amount of time than last week's 7am "till 11am.

Our guests, John and Mary, from England, arrived mid-afternoon yesterday, and are now out walking the trails in our forest.

I've spent the morning cutting and piecing upcycled denim, styling a new bag. It was going to be something like the sketch that I showed you here... it was going to be called "boogie"... but while I was swapping and switching the pieces around, I saw something else that I liked, and decided to go with that right now. So here's a quick peek.

Placing the pinwheel patches at the bottom of the frontside of the shell of the bag.

What about adding existing seam work? I like that.

I've been thinking about pockets too, because Megan and I agree that alot of people like to have them. Coin pockets. On the outside. you can drop your change in quickly whilst hopping onto the bus.

I'm going straight for the kill, and have added a reclaimed pocket (from a pair of ripped dungarees). Actually it's two pockets, one's hidden under the other.

I turned the shell 90 degrees, to get the seamline in the vertical, thus, dividing the space into two equal areas. Once the edges of the pocket were ironed under, I notice that the pocket has the exact same length as two of the patches, so I'm loosing the third patch.

Visually, it works better for me, with the pocket on the right-hand side, and the patches on the left. I have also added the garment label from the dungarees that the pocket came from. It says

no boundries

Guess who's just noticed the text size button on the new post bar ;}

I like that label. I like what it says as the title for this design. Design should have no boundries. That's why I'm able to ignore the sketch I made and go with what I've coem up with this morning. Spontaneity! Pura Vida!

I'm going to line it with this white cotton print fabric, the print of which is kind of bleached out. I think alot of the fabric remnants taht I buy from the bargain bin in San Jose were probably once window displays in fabric stores elsewhere. Sometimes, the stores here will even sell you fabric, off the roll, as perfectly good, but which has been light damaged. I don't mind so much, as it usually offers some interesting effects. But imagine if you'd bought it to make a regular garment, and then when you got it home found it was all streaky! Pays to check first!

Now I just(!) have to piece this design together.

Nilo and Reinaldo came back from town yesterday afternoon, with flowers and chocolates. :)

A red rose eye!

I've fallen in love with these, the site was linked from a recent Fibercopia post.


Anonymous said...

The bag is looking great. You can never have too many pockets!

Puddleduck said...

Love the pocket! Have some saved here in my stash! The whirly gigs have come up beautifully and look great on the denim. A very desirable bag!

Jacky said...

Fantastic bag... love the way it just evolved.

The pocket is a great (and practical) addition.

Love this new bag!

Jacky xox

p.s. looks like you were spoilt for Valentines Day.

Sandra said...

Oh yes, one needs pockets on the outside of a bag!!!!! I totally agree to that!
I love the pinwheels, this is going to be a lovely bag.

Sandra said...

Catherine, I put the digital quilt on my blog, I really like it. (I'm a bit slow these last few days, but I posted about the scrap swap today,)

Anonymous said...

Me again. Just to explain about mulberry bark. The trees on 'Sleepers Awake' are actually made from pieces of bark. Mulberry bark is quite fibrous, like fabric, but also quite sinewy and rough. Try googling it; I don't know if you can get it in Costa Rica, but you could probably mail order it. It's interesting stuff. You can dye it, paint it, stitch on it, sculpt pots and cuffs with it, and lots more. I'm not sure about drawing on it with a biro though. Hope this is helpful :-)

yvette said...

via Sandra I came here and I like your work and blog very much


Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Thanks everyone and welcome Yvette! :)

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