Monday, 8 February 2010

A giveaway!

In the background, off-stage from blogging and stiching the things that appear here, I am busy researching all kinds of amazing stuff, and starting to develop a new line of accessories and apparel for bainbridge & houseberg, which is going to be launched as a legitimate business, later in the Spring. That will involve an online store (probably at Bigcartel, 'coz I like the crispness of their site) and a website for the label (to be designed by my eldest son, Eben, who does website design work... incase you're interested), and the population of both. So, the next few months, in particular, will be busy ones. I have a good feeling about this venture.

These past few weeks have been an impotant part of that process in terms of meeting (online) lots of lovely and amazingly talented people - that's you! - sharing and exchanging ideas, getting some constructive feedback, and being inspired. And I thank you for that, because now I better understand the direction in which I want to go. Not that it's written in stone, because it needs to be able to change and have the potential to grow into something new. But... each time, I feel like I am closer to something... essential. Well, it's not easy to put it into words.

For I while, I was playing with some design ideas for bags - which are still to form a focal point of our designs - just to oil the wheels abit, and start to explore what my passion in all of this really is. They say that style is something which, once you strip back everything else, is what is left and is that which is totally essential to your thing. I think I've figured it out now. It just feels right... and that's a good enough sign for me! :} But more about that anon.

In the meantime, I still have a couple of those experimental pieces, and it's time for me to move on. So I've decided to do a giveaway, they seem very popular at the moment :} The design in question is Tulip Bell, a light weight, broad skirted shoulder bag, made from recycled cotton fabrics and cotton fabric scraps, with hand stiching, stone and metal accents. Black with a cream/black contrasting lining and adjustable strap.

Tulip Bell.


If you're interested, just leave me a comment, saying what you think is essential about what you do in your creative life, together with a means to contact you. I will make a draw from the names on the 28th of this month.


Jacky said...

Please count me in your wonderful your tulip bag, the stitching and shape is beautiful.
In my creative life I stitch, journal and paint as it makes me happy.

Good luck with your ideas for your shop too!

Jacky xox

Puddleduck said...

Oh, please count me in too Catherine!

I do what I do as my joy factor is the most important thing in my life. It sounds selfish but if I’m happy doing as I please then no one else has the task of making me happy (which as humans we tend to do to each other!) I believe our lives are our creations and it is up to us to make it the best that we can. The happier and more fulfilled I am; the more I can touch others.

Black is my favourite colour and this gorgeous bag would go with everything I wear! Love the detailing.
tee hee, Sandi

Sandra said...

Please count me in too! I think the bag is really lovely and coming from the Netherlands I love the tulip design:)

What is essential in my creative life... well, I am exploring, trying lots of things, and especially trying to be free, and that means also trying to get rid of self comment. Trying to follow my inner voice. So after reading this text, I think the key word is trying:)


Karen said...

How did I miss this!! Count me in too!
Essential..Keeping an open mind, looking past the obvious and seeing the inner soul/beauty of something. And most especially being able to spend time outdoors.

Jaxx said...

A magical lovely it would be to own it!!!! I'm enjoying watching your designs evolve...inspiration.

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