Sunday, 6 December 2009

A little light indulgence

Another beautiful sunny day. The menfolk have gone snorkeling. Think I'll take advantage of the peace and quiet to begin stiching moth#1. But for now, here's a little light indulgence. A fallen leaf of Cecropia peltata (Cecropiaceae). They're all over the garden. I have always been fascinated by these leaves and the ornate forms they make as they dry and curl. Don't know whether the form will figure in my work at some point. Probably! But if you feel inspired by these images, then you go right ahead and work from them (just remember to share the results with me!) I have a small leaf on my work table with the light playing upon it. Through it. I'm watching what happens to it over time. Transformations can be subtle... or not. Interesting palette. Have a peaceful day.

The following image, of the same leaf but further into the process, was added on the 7th December.

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