Friday, 4 December 2009

Moth #1

A good day. I feel satisfied with how this new piece is shaping up. Slowly. But surely. Some of the photos of the in-between stages of the construction are rather beautiful in themselves, so I'm including a few of them here. These were photographed held up against the light, and it made them look very delicate... hmmm... something to think about for future pieces. The various layers of fabric collage, which make up the form of the moth, are mostly cut and basted now, ready to be properly stitched.


arlee said...

A great start for your butterfly--looking forward to seeing him as he/you evolve through the processes :}

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Thanks Arlee!I think the challenge will be in trying to keep him kind of rough and not over work him... wish me luck! :)

Annie Crow said...

Wow - just coming to your blog (from Jude) and reading past entries. What an amzing butterfly you're constructing and how neat to see the process!

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