Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Wings of Winter Soltice

Nilo - my 7 year old - is sick with flu, so I didn't get the chance to add this post yesterday evening of some more amazing wings. I will have to do some investigating in order to get some determinations of the species which I am posting. Anyway, we are getting some amazing visitors here at the moment.

This is only the second time that we have seen this moth species here at Los Charcos de Osa. It has a wing span of ca. 12 inches and it was very freaky to have it walking on me!

Ok... so not the best image, but it gives an idea of the size of this magnificent creature. Yes, that's my hand! Amazing, no?

Here's another beauty who arrived to pass solstice with us.

And then, last night, a squirrel cuckoo flew into the house. I wonder what the significance of that is? We think it was frightened by a large owl... or maybe a big cat. Well, there was definately something out there last night.

These are not small birds. They have beautiful tails!

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Anonymous said...

Catherine, where is Los Charcos de Osa? Where in the world are moths as big as your hand? These are just amazingly beautiful. I read your comments sometimes on Spirit Cloth, and finally got to your site. Very nice work you are doing.You certainly have lots of wildlife for inspiration! Julia

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