Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The wingéd eye

"...all you restless things,
That dance and journey in the fields of air:

Your secret's out! I know you for the souls
Of all light loves that ever caused heartache,
Still dancing suit as some new beauty toles!
Nor can you e'er your flitting ways forsake,
Till the just winds strip off your painted stoles,
And sere leaves follow in your downward wake...."

(don't know the origin of this verse, found it on the internet, with no reference. people, cite your references!)

lately, i've become intrigued by butterflies and moths. i continue exploring this subject...symbol?... with cloth. the beauty in reinaldo's photo shown here was flapping around the house on saturday night. i only heard it and supposed it was a bat (we get alot of those here). sunday we found the moth in some small bush at the front of the house. see... and be amazed!


jude said...

oh, great eyes.

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

yes, I am working with this species at the moment. we're very lucky to live here. so much inspiration!

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