Sunday, 6 December 2009

Scrap Pack Swap #1

I'm into doing scrap pack swaps! All the small stuff! I have put together a bundle of off-cuts of fabrics (ranging from 1-10 inches squared) that will fit in a CD sized Jiffy envelope. Any takers?... The one who accepts, then mails one back to me :) Swappping is useful for folk who do crazy patchwork, applique, and other small-scale and/or detailed art fiber pieces. It's a great way to get little bits of diverse fabrics, stuff that perhaps one would not choose oneself ('coz, if you're anything like me, you set out with the intention of breaking away from your normal selection, but come home with exactly what you said you were NOT going to buy this time!), for free, and it also helps to use all of those scraps. Interested?... Post your comment (with a contact address).


arlee said...

Catherine, i'll do this with you--if you can wait until after Christmas :}

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Hey Arlee, that would be just great! Finally... a taker!

Email me your mailing address and I will pop a pack in the post to you the next time I'm in a place with a post office. I just came down with a heavy flu...

Have to catch up with your recent posts... but have been enjoying your creations very much! Thank you :)

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Jacky said...

Hi Catherine, I have just found your blog through Jude Hills blog...loving your work and "play".
If you are still open to takers for the fabric swap as I would love to swap with you, what a great idea.
Be back to visit again soon.


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