Thursday, 24 December 2009

Taking it easy...

Where do ideas come from exactly? What part of our brain manages that? Or is it the job of several different parts of the brain?... Probably so.

So I didn't do much yesterday, but had a lot of ideas of things that I want to try out. Obviously doing nothing plays an important role sometimes in the aquisition of ideas. Think I'm going to try doing nothing more often!

Today I am feeling better. Still pretty rough, but at least not so dead on my feet. The guys went into town to try to fix the four wheel drive (turns out that the problem's more complicated than first expected!) and so I have been playing with a few of yesterday's ideas...

Ideas about layers...

... and stitches.

Humble stitches, like the interesting edge of yesterday's post.

Ideas about openings...

... and variations on that theme.

Ideas about how a thing changes from a different view point...

... or in a different light.

Ideas about keeping the colors simple

And enjoying Simplicity!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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