Sunday, 13 December 2009

Osa Native Plant Workshop

We've been away for a few days helping to present a workshop on native plants. We're part of a group called ProNativas which has a project underway to establish a national native plant network, with regional chapters across the country. We are responsible for the region of the Osa Peninsula.

This is my husband, Osa's botanical expert, Reinaldo Aguilar, talking with some of the workshop participants. The workshop was hosted by local conservation organization Friends of the Osa.

Part of the workshop involved starting up a small native plant nursery at Cerro Osa, one of the Friends of the Osa properties, located in the Piro area.

A group photo of participants and presenters.

After the last day of the workshop we got to hang out on the beach at Piro. It's a hard life ;) Here's Nilo with Pronativa's co-ordinator, Natalia Vega.

Sunset over the Pacific ocean.

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