Saturday, 30 January 2010

Early morning

Change of plan. We decided that it made more sense for Rey to travel to San Jose alone today, and for me to go alone next week for my hospital appointment. That way, Nilo doesn't have to go at all! He and I can spend the week at home, quietly doing, while Rey gets on with work in the herbarium, without the need to be thinking about how bored we're getting in the meantime.

So, this morning I was up at 3:30 am to say goodbye to him. I couldn't see the moon to begin with, but then realised she was on the otherside of the house, peering at me through the forest.

Looks like batik!

It's definately worth getting up very early here. For one thing it's the only cool part of the day. Beautiful and peaceful...

This morning's first light at Los Charcos de Osa.

... apart from the birds. The Scarlet Macaws started up at 4:30am this morning, squawking their heads of, as is their want, and accompanied by a group of green parakeets. Bloody noisy lot! Waking up at Los Charcos is abit like waking up in a zoo. Not that I'm complaining. Although, there is the occassional morning when one feels one could happily strangle the laughing falcons, with their raucous cries of "Guaco" (pronounced Gwa-ko), for which they are locally named. Other than this, there is generally much twittering, cheeping, trilling, and beeping, and many other bizarre noises that only Dr. Zeus could name, and making Los Charcos an ornithologist's paradise!

And then, we all know that the early... spider... catches the... umm... butterfly?

A dainty breakfast, well under wraps. The weekend begins!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Gorgeous photos, Catherine. You have such a "good eye!" Thanks for taking me to a warm, interesting place (away from the cold and snow!)

Suzanna said...

What a mysterious moon photo! I like to hear about all the birds...the laughing falcons...I have two white doves who sometimes sing all night long...they too have a sound that is like a laugh...not a very nice laugh...but I suppose it is to balance out their loveliness. Thank you.

Sandra said...

Just imaging, we're having snow.... wouldn't it be nice if I could send you some, and you could send me some warm sunshine, would be nice to put in the scrap swap, a scrap of snow/ a scrap of warm sunshine......and perhaps some of the bird songs too....

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