Saturday, 30 January 2010

Osa... Art... Life... Advance

A pale cloth idea on the go.

I've been thinking... Oh! So that's what the noise was! ;)

A while ago, I started to think about the possibility of offering creative "retreats" here on the Osa Peninsula. And now, so many people have commented about this amazing place where I am fortunate enough to live, that I'm thinking, maybe, people would like to visit. In turn, that got me thinking about the word "retreat" itself.

retreat |riˈtrēt| verb [ intrans. ] (of an army) withdraw from enemy forces as a result of their superior power or after a defeat : the French retreated in disarray. • move back or withdraw, esp. so as to remove oneself from a difficult or uncomfortable situation : it becomes so hot that the lizards retreat into the shade | [as adj. ] ( retreating) the sound of retreating footsteps. • withdraw to a quiet or secluded place : after the funeral he retreated to the shore.

Thinking about it from the perspective of visiting another place and kindling/fueling/firing one's creativity, in a fluid way, it suddenly seems like such a wierd word to use! What I have in mind is more about throwing oneself headlong into life... so, less of a retreat... and more of an advance! Not some kind of pre-planned course, with a teacher. Just one or two people at a time, immersing themselves in all that the Osa Peninsula has to offer.

I'm putting out feelers.

Just imagine it... 7-10 days of self-indulgement, creativity, exploring a tropical paradise! Painting, sketching, writting, needlework... or whatever is your thing. I'm trying to think about places to go, that would be inspirational, (yeah... that's not hard here!) and how to keep the costs down. I reckon it might be possible to organize something amazing.

Any one got any ideas or observations? I am just trying to gather some ideas for what might be possible. And I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Sandra said...

Hi Catherine,

That's a great idea. I think you can give people a good time in your beautiful paradise. Something that can help them to go on with their lives, when they're back home. Perhaps you could work with themes.

Your scrap bundle is on it's way since this afternoon, I'm wondering how long it will take from the Netherlands to Costa Rica. Hope it will arrive in good order.

Anonymous said...

What is the closest airport? Where would one stay? Would you offer this all at your place or just travel between your home and a city? I know nothing of Costa Rica and looking on a map of the Osa Peninsula I can't tell where there are accomodations.

I would love to do this if it is affordable!

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Hello... Good points. Yes, the next question is what *is* affordable?

Realistically, I think it would cost something in the region of $1000 per person. That would include all food, and lodging (some here, but also elsewhere on the Peninsula), local and national transport (flying from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez and driving around whilst here), and special activities (such as boat trips/cayaking or whatever the person was into trying) but not getting to Costa Rica in the first place.

Wonder what folk would think of that figure?

Mnemosyne said...

wow does that sound awesome.
that sounds pretty accurate for what you're offering
not something i could currently do with such small kids
but definitely something i would LOVE to do.

jude said...

sounds great... i am in a non travel mode at the moment, taking care of a very old and tiny mother....

Jacky said...

That does sound fantastic...if ever I am over your side of the world, that is something I would love to do... I like the informal sound of it too, just sitting stitching, painting, sketching...whatever takes your creative fancy.

I like your pale piece too by the way, very earthy, organic.

Jacky xox

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Well this is positive. Maybe I should start thinking about it seriously then and coming up with some possible options.In anycase this would be for late 2010, but more likely 2011.

Thanks everyone for your creative comments! :)

arlee said...

i too would so love this--but the coin is a definite consideration....
and i like the idea of advancing, rather than retreating----learning is an advance after all!

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...


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