Friday, 29 January 2010

Living color

So far, I haven't done any sewing today, but have had a wonderful day, inspite of the fact that we had to drive into Puerto Jimenéz. I hate that town. We lived there for two years before moving to the country...not that Jimenéz is a bustling Metropolis! Actually, it's a scruffy, dusty, sun-baked, former gold mining town, a small port, and, as far as I'm concerned, one of the few things it has going for it is the fact that it's on the coast. Well... the Gulf. And that really is lovely!

Setting out from home, the forest is looking spectacular right now, as a certain species of tree is flowering and they flower en masse. Yellow! Interestingly, (or at least, I think so) this species favors open areas. So, when they're flowering, which is always at the beginning of the Summertime, you can spot where landslides have occurred in distant hills, or the forest has been logged in the past, as small swathes of yellow occur here and there.

Schizolobium parahyba (Fabaceae) flowering in the forests of Osa.

One of the things that we love to do whenever we go into town together - which is a pretty rare event, 'coz I love it up here on my mountain! - is to go out on the pier and see what what fishes we can spot. It was a beautiful Summer's day, and we lucked out, and the water was clear enough for my little compact Nikon to let me take these...

Needlefish swimming in the Golfo Dulce. (3:48am Saturday morning: I'm seeing these fish as little stitches! Der... didn't make the connection yesterday!)

Ummm... more Needlefish swimming in the Golfo Dulce (Ok, so I got a bit carried away on the "water-fish-dancing light" shots!)

A single leaf floating on the surface of the water.
(Note to self: Turquoise and tangerine = refreshing!)

The water's edge.

Beneath the surface.

Too bad that we didn't have the snorkel masks with us. It looked so inviting.

Random guy snorkelling near the pier in Puerto Jimenéz, Osa Peninsula.

We had lunch at our favorite seafood joint beside the Puerto Jimenéz "Malacon". Nilo said he wanted to take a picture of us, and that we needed to be kissing. So, here it is... the happy couple ;9 Trying not to laugh their heads off!

Reinaldo and Catherine. Puerto Jimenéz. (OMG, I look so... white!)

I took this photo from a moving car, as we were driving home. It was intense!

Harvested rice field in the midday sun, Cañaza, Osa Peninsula.

A day of living color!

I would like to say thank you to everyone who's left a comment on my previous post. It's all very encouraging stuff. Nice to feel one isn't working in a vacuum! Also, hello to all those who have started following me recently. What a lovely bunch you are. Wish you were here!

A special thanks also to Jude Hill for adding me to her sidebar. I consider it a real honor!


Karen said...

Such a beautiful part of the world you live in! And yes, turquoise and tangerine!!

Jacky said...

Loved taking that trip into Puerto Jiminez with you...such beautiful, vibrant colours in your life! Mmmmm turquoise and yellow, lovely colour combo.
Love the photo of you and Rey...would have liked to join you for that seafood meal!

Jacky xox

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