Monday, 25 January 2010

A lighter shade of pale

Now that I've finished the outstanding Indie-pendant ... I will rephrase that, or else sound totally egocentric... Now that I've finished the Indie-pendant that was outstanding... sound any better???... I figure it justifies moving on to start something new... completely ignoring the existance of all of those other projects, which I still haven't finished! ;)

Yesterday, I considered starting to work on that first piece of shibori that I've recently created - Well, it's not the first piece of shibori I've created, it's just the first piece that I've created and known about it. Here is a much better shot of it...

Here, you can actually see the patterns that were created where the little pebbles were tied into the cloth and more of the tonal range.

However, lovely as it is, I have decided not to start working on it just yet. Instead, I've opted for a similar cloth - again, one that I dyed at the end of last year - but which I left too long in the dye base and it started to go moldy...

That's what the little grey specks are about, and I rather like that softly spattered effect.

I've basted it onto a plain piece of my peachy bark-dyed cotton cloths.

In turn, I think I'm going to baste that onto a kind of damask cotton with a raised block pattern, which comes from a slightly off-white colored pillow slip that I picked up in a thrift store in San Jose on the last visit.

It reminds me of this...

A photograph of me, taken in 1897(!) at the Las Cruces Biological Station, in San Vito, Coto Brus (Costa Rica), where, for about 3 consecutive years, I lived on site as a young explorer and artist-in-residence.

Time passes and everything becomes a lighter shade of pale! Here in the tropics, it also starts growing new life forms!

Speaking of lighter shades of pale and new life forms... just look at this by Jude Hill, and this by Arlee Barr... and this by Deb Lacativa.

Pale is where it's at!


Karen said...

Beautiful cloth! I have just come across your blog and your work is wonderful! Glad I found you. Love the butterflies and the Indie-pendant. Great work!

arlee said...

1897? how come you not as moldy as your beautiful cloth? :}
seriously, composting fabric makes wonderful colours and patterns

Sandra said...

I love the colours and the way the tropic atmosphere has worked on your lovely picture. I thought the pendant was indeed outstanding.
And I'd love to do a "scrap pack" swap with you, I've never done this before, so it's a nice adventure, still have some tree cloth left...

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