Tuesday, 19 January 2010


One thing has led to another! I am getting to do my Blue Moon project... if a little later than everbody else.

I have been saving this dress for a long time. I bought it for $2 from a thrift store, about 300 years ago. Barely fitted me then. Sure doesn't fit me now! It's time has come!

I have always guzjed over the combination of the sapphire velvet bodice and the bronze metallic skirt. But, let's face it, where in the heck would I have worn this anyways? I don't think it would've looked nearly so elegant with wellies!

So off I go, starting with a small ring of... yep, you guessed it... buttonhole stitches (somebody please teach me to do something else!) on the sapphire velvet. Looks like a moon already with that wee chalk circle! Pretty much same color on same color stitching, so it's hard to see, but makes a nice texture.

And... oh!... now there's a surprise! The bronze metallic thread fabric was hiding under there all along! (Sorry to say that the white patch over in the lower right-hand corner is actually my leg!)

Shiny and hard to photograph well, but this is where those little metallic thread stitches have taken me... and only I know where they're going next ;)

Unrelated (if indeed anything ever can be): pebble beside pebble. Pebbles I spotted in the Rio Piro over the weekend. Great palette! Loved the fact that one of these little rocks was entirely covered in a lovely burnt sienna colored moss, but it's partner was stark naked... Mooning!

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Puddleduck said...

ooooh, beautiful, beautiful moon...

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