Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Little stitches...

Little stitches are remarkable things... which, inspite of their smallness, can bring about huge changes.

I am just starting to over-stitch the black and gold artifact cloth that I made over the weekend, and said was probably going nowhere. Well... you never know!

I'm finding I like very much what these little metallic thread stitches do to cloth, (but definately not liking what the cloth does to the metallic thread! It strips it down and knots it up and it's a total pain in the arse to work with this stuff! Anyone got any wise counsel to offer about that?)

Seems I'm not the only one here who's busy working small right now.

I love these crazy spiders that set up camp all over my house, particularly around the kitchen and dining room. A long while back, I blogged about one of these spiders over at the Los Charcos de Osa blog page,(which has been static for over a year now, but has some interesting stuff on it about life here). You can catch that post here. Stitched heart and all! (Arlee, how are you with arachnids?)

This beautiful little spider... actually, it's not that little once it reaches adulthood!... has the most fabulous metallic silver(!) thorax, and just look at those gorgeous stripey legs. They remind me so much of Jude Hill's black and white magic thread, which I think she has used to great effect here (and if you're in the US, while you're at it, please use that text info to donate 10 bucks to the American Red Cross for relief to Haiti!)

Thinking about it, Jude Hill is quite the spider... as she goes about carefully and lovingly stitching her magic cloth(s). (Jude, everytime I try a new catagory link on your site, I am delighted to find many pieces/posts that I haven't come across previously!)

And while we're on the subject of magic threads... check this out. It's a fabulous blog by Embellisher who is a gorgeous looking Indian female textile designer, based in Bangalore, India - which is my favorite spot on the globe right now - electronically speaking!

And then there are these magical Artfabrik threads by Laura, which Arlee Barr blogged recently here. They are such delicious color ways and they all have such delicious names to match! Even if I could afford some of these fabulous threads, I'm not sure I could choose which ones I would like to have most. Hmmm....? Let me see...

Burnt Marshmallows
Copper Queen
Oasis Twilight
Wild Rice

So, there's my wish list!
And it just so happens that today is my birthday! ;}


arlee said...

I added you to my sidebar too :}

arlee said...

PS Spiders are awesomely cool--unless there's one in the bathtub with you.....

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Thanks, that was kind of you. You have a great day too!

jude said...

happy birthday... sorry i am late, got caught in some kind of web....

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