Friday, 1 January 2010

Moon of the New Year

Luna de año nuevo

El año empieza
con luna plena,
mascota de buen peso
en el bolsillo del porvenir —
que se multiplique sin cuenta.

Blue moon sits in an old Cecropia tree.

I was facinated by the moonlight hitting the edges of different types of clouds ( I have a thing about clouds... as you can see HERE!)

Hard to believe, but these images were taken at night, with no flash on my little Coolpix S220 (in plum, if you please ;>) This will make a great painting! YEP... I am going to get back to painting this year, after a very long time away from it.

This type of cloud formation always reminds me of a ribcage. Infact, often, clouds seen by moonlight remind me of those funny dentists lamps... you know, the ones that look kind of like they're lined with white gold, and have something of an X-Ray pattern about them?

I really like this! The combination of the silhouette of the leaves and light in the clouds.

My guess is that this might also form the basis of abstract painting at somepoint.

I Can't decide whether it's better with or without the moon in the picture?

Later, it started to get pretty cloudy, but the light held out for hours. enough to be able to walk around the house with no flashlight (but definately with shoes on!)

Moon of the New Year

The year begins
with a full moon,
good-luck coin of good weight
in the pocket of what is to come —
may it multiply without measure.

Rafael Jesús González

(someone I just met in a dream and am liking his words)


jude said...

oh lucky you to see the moon....

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

verdad? soory that you didn't get to. but even though you couldn't see it, you knew it was there... MAGIC!

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