Thursday, 14 January 2010

Note to self (thinking outloud) #1

Here are some of my guides - tour guides? - on this leg of the journey.
Here are some receptors - initiators? - I am open to whatever is incoming.

Each has some special significance for me, even if I can't put that significance into words right now, or don't know what that significance might be yet.

Here looks like a pretty good place to start something.

Writing note to self (thinking outloud)... or else I will forget.

#1. Hand painting in monotone on sheer fabrics, to overlay on other plain fabric, OR, hand painting in monotone on plain fabrics, to lay under sheer fabric. A double-layered design experiment. A variation on this could be a stamped cloth with a sheer overlay, with a handpainted design which works on top of the stamped design below.

#2. Making stamps and hand stamping cloth.

#3. Same color on same color. Unstamped cloth with same colored stiching. Making the cloth more about surface texture.

#4. Sketch and paint. Still!

#5. All over fabric print designs.

("I am the vine, You are the branches."
Stitched in San Juan de Dios hospital, November 2008.)




* Historically inspired collections.
* Ethnic influenced cloth.

2/3D forms

Test palette combinations that appeal to self currently:

indigo, carmine, cream, slate,
indigo, slate, cream, garnet,
bronze, gold, sapphire,
cream, lapiz, jade, gold,
ecru, black, white
ecru, chocolate, white
ecru, ecru
ecru, kaolin, vanilla, white
ecru, strawberry, raspberry, biscuit, chocolate,
white, vanilla, fushia, biscuit, chocolate,
powder blue, slate, ecru, brown


arlee said...

now just go DO

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

yes, the note making is the easy part! I am trying to get to the doing part,but stuff keeps coming up. Having said that I *am* doing *something*, and will blog that in a moment. little steps forward, one after the other, it gets you there in the end. :)

jude said...

good start!

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Thank you.

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