Sunday, 10 January 2010

Not getting to it

I have washed the cloth remnants that I brought on last week's trip to San Jose.

A couple of gauzy golden ones...

And a more heavy-weight one.

These are the golden threads and other things to try out with these cloths.

I'm itching to get to it and start experimenting. But it's not happening!

We have guests all week, and Reinaldo, (my lovely husband), is out botanizing, on a project by the Carnegie Foundation, (we haven't seen him for over a week now), so I am left holding the fort. This morning we were on the road at 5:30am headed for the small town of La Palma, which is about 30-40 minutes by car, on a now very pitted gravel road, we were completely out of... well, everything! A quick round of the supermarket - which sells almost nothing you'd actually want to eat - and we were home again before 8am, bumping along in the back of a Taxi pick-up.

Bridge over the River Rincon. (A bridge too far?)

The road heading home, towards Drake's Bay.

I think I have flu again. I didn't sleep a wink last night, my throat is so dry and tickly. Got up at 1:30am made hot lemon and ginger. Sat on the sofa in the house, in the dark, and got stung on the arse by a milk wasp! Still, it could've been worse (just!), it could've been a scorpion!

Beautiful brown/natural linen cloth, of - as yet - unknown destination.

A spotted semi-sheer. I love both of these remnants!

Maybe this afternoon?...

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