Friday, 1 January 2010

2010: Begin the Begin...

This morning.
A small patch of paradise.
The sun lights a field below.
A rural scene that could be so anywhere in the world.
Doesn't look like "Rainforest" does it?

I often think how much this place looks like my (other!) home, in Somerset, England. Hardy country! And this particular photo reminded me of the English artist Samuel Palmer, who's work I haven't considered for many years! And I'm reminded of how much I love his work, actually. The "illumination" in it. Take a look at this. Like west country magic! Did you know that, at full moon, you can drive across the Wiltshire plains with no headlights, because the earth there is mostly limestone, and the countryside comes to life in the dark. And just look at this. It's not actually ink, as one might expect, but brown watercolor! Lovely and soft. I guess he really loved clouds and the moon! I love this.

We got SKYPE today out here in the jungle. Hurray! So we got to spend quite a while talking with and seeing(!) Eben, our 19 year old, who is on the other side of the planet, and has been for the past 18 months. What better way to start a New Year!?!

And here he is... handsome young fellow, no?... he's going to hit the roof when he realizes I've posted this image of him. Haha!

I'm feeling happy and ready for whatever Life asks of me in 2010!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I look forward to sharing with you all! :) :) :)

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jude said...

happy new year!

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